Mr. Gustafson has traveled extensively in India during his seventeen visits. He has photographed, lectured and written about India since 1999. His annual excursions around the sub-continent are an on-going adventure that broadens his horizons and appreciation for this ancient culture.


Photograph of book cover The Court Theaters of Europe.


LAST GUY WALTZING (2013), Tale of Reinvention

This Renaissance man's accomplishments in the auction house, museum, and art gallery worlds have often been over-shadowed by his immersion in the pool of celebrities and the very rich, often swimming amidst louche sharks feasting on their prey.  This fast moving narrative set in locales around the world is full of challenge and hope, despite serious alcohol abuse and a troubling search for sexual identity.

ERIC GUSTAFSON launches his book,

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Photograph of book cover The Court Theaters of Europe.


The marriage of financial power with talented energies flourishing in the court theaters of Europe was to influence the history of Western theater. This royal patronage of great writers, musicians and artists brought their talents to fruition, as well as encouraged technological advances in theater production. Richly illustrated in color.

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Photograph of book cover Cinderella is a Man.


An autobiographical search for identity; a battle to over-come alcohol abuse while searching for a spiritual path after years of exposure to a glittering life on an international scale.

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Photograph of book cover Paradox and Treasures, Volume 1.

INDIA: Paradox & Treasures. Volume I (2004)

His twenty travel articles in India have all appeared as cover stories in Out & About, the magazine section for the seventeen Recorder Newspapers, and were the basis for both volumes. Volume 1: The lure of Southern India for the Millennium; Fort Cochin & Trekking Tigers in Kerala; Rajasthan: Land of Palaces & Forts; Varanasi: Holy City on the Sacred Ganges; Wondrous cave art at Ajanta, Ellora, & Elephanta; Ladakh, A Himalayan Odyssey; North Indian Hill Towns & Valley of the Gods.

Photograph of book cover Paradoc and Treasures.

INDIA: Paradox & Treasures. Volume II (2005)

Travel articles on Gujarat: Land of Gandhi, Gods and grand architecture; Darjeeling, Queen of the hills; Orissa, The Golden Triangle and tribal villages; Kolkata, Squalor and Grandeur; Orissa Revisited: The American Baba, Puri Beach Dance Festival and Konark Dance Festival.

Photograph of book cover Expect the Unexpected.


Eleven adventures of a Westerner sitting in the lap of Mother India. Richly illustrated with color photographs, mostly taken by the author.